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The Journey

Born in central Virginia in 1961 and still residing close to home today, I have always had interest in drawing, painting, collecting rocks and all areas of nature and the arts. I remember as a child drawing/doodling on any kind of scrap paper I could find, almost every day and never wasting a spot on either side. I continued to create art and study many great artist in history as well as local Teacher and Artist Everett Butler.  With Mr. Butlers guidance and sharing of the arts I have always kept my interest in painting. (I would like to thank  Mr. Butler for everything over the past 30 + years. He is always there to answer any questions I have and give honest feedback which is very important while striving to reach a goal.)

In 1989 when my Daughter was born “everything changed”. I  spent many years making sure that she has had the same opportunities in life as I did. During this time the only painting I did was with her. Now that she’s an adult I am taking the time to restart my painting career. With my paintings I like to convey feelings from places or times that all of us can connect with during some period in our lives. I want people to smile, feel good and bring back some old memories when they view an original piece of my art.

The art of Gemstone Cutting is very similar to painting. It starts with a rough piece of material only to have an artist shape it into something beautiful. I became interested in cutting during my trips to a mine where I would find a piece of rough, leave it to be cut, only to see what could be made of it. Always surprised, this heightened my interest and convinced me that I would like to learn to cut as well. Soon after, I went to see Jerry Call at Rio Doce Mine in North Carolina to purchase my first cutting machine and started my training process.  Over a two year period I completed his lapidary course and started Gems by James LLC.

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  1. Morgan DeBruhl says:

    I emailed you the other day about the emerald. Where are you located?

  2. Admin says:

    Gems by James is located in Central Virginia – Chesterfield/Richmond, VA. Additional address info is available on the Contact Us page.

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